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Dreamwalker Raven Man.jpeg


Bradly Dreamwalker MacDonald

Original Paintings,Sculptures and Prints

I must first start off by letting you know that I'm very honored to have you visit my new site.I'm 68 years old now and this will be my first attempt at having a site to sell and show the world that this old Anishenaabe is still kicking. I have travelled  and lived extensively across North America,creating monuments and Sculptures for peoples enjoyment and it humbles me to have been given this venue by Indigenious Tourism Ontario.

I would also like to thank the Ontario Arts Council for the much needed grant for materials and supplies that will make up of my current and future endevours a possability.

Chi Miigwitch

My Beautiful wife Tasha and my Awesome daughter Mira.

Chi Miigwitch to all

P.S. All of my prints are personally signed by myself specifically for each person.

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